Building Your Agenda

Understand what information is available now and when you can expect to build your session schedule prior to the meeting.

Preliminary Agenda

Available now is a filterable preliminary agenda for the conference. The final agenda is far from being complete, as we are still researching industry topics to incorporate, developing new software features (which will lead to new sessions) and collaborating with partners who will join before the meeting.

We launch registration with a preliminary agenda to set the stage for attendees to know what to expect and see what is new from last year.

You can view the preliminary agenda now on the Main Conference Sessions page. A few pointers to help navigate the filters are outlined below.

Determine Sessions for You

If you prefer not to use the filters, each session has indicators below the title that show who should attend as well.


Use the filters to view exactly what sessions will be available for you to select from at the meeting based on your role and products you use. We will continue to add more sessions as we get closer.

  • First select which Practice Management and/or EMR your practice uses
  • Then select your specialty (optional)
  • Followed by job role (optional)

What's New

To check out the 80+ new sessions and 8 new Pre-Conferece Workshops we've added, use the "New Sessions" toggle on the filter.

Product Sessions

These are collaborative, interactive sessions with our Product Team designed to elicit user feedback on existing and "coming soon" features.

Pre-Conference Workshops

The pre-conference workshops listed are final and will not change prior to the meeting. Each workshop has limited seating to provide a hands on engaging experience for attendees which means they fill up fast! Make sure to register sooner than later if you'd like to attend.

You'll be required to select the pre-conference workshop(s) you plan to attend during the registration process which can only be changed based on availability prior to the registration modification deadline.

How do you determine what workshops apply to you and when they're happening?

Use the filters on the page (instructions above) to determine what pre-con workshops are relevant to the EMR/PM your practice uses and your role.

To identify when they take place look at the AM or PM indicator listed on the left.

You can also toggle "New Sessions" to see what's new from last year.

Half Day Workshop Pass

Add one workshop, either morning or afternoon, to your All-Access conference registration. This option includes breakfast or lunch depending on your selection.

Full Day Workshop Pass

Add two workshops, one morning and one afternoon, to your All-Access conference registration. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Final Agenda & Schedule

EDGE app

Official App Launch

Prior to the conference we will launch the official meeting app where you can build your custom agenda, network with attendees, view exhibitors and get to know the speakers.

The app will also be utilized on site to provide live conference updates and keep you in the loop on the latest information.

Make sure everyone from your practice is registered using a unique email address which is required to access the app.

Build Your Schedule

The app will allow you to view your EMR and/or PM agenda and filter sessions by job role to see exactly what pertains to you.

Sessions are listed in date and time order for easy schedule building. You can add or remove sessions to your personalized agenda at any time.

The app can be opened on any device and is Apple, Android and web browser friendly. Please note the EDGE 2019 App is the only way to build your agenda. 


On-Site Resources

Printed Program

A printed program will still be provided on site with session descriptions and times but you will not be able to build your agenda without using the app this year.